Wickiup Junction Refinement Plan

CLICK HERE go to the Online Open house to learn about the Draft Wickiup Junction Refinement Plan and share your feedback with the project team. The Online Open house is available until April 16th.

The Draft Refinement Plan is also available for review HERE


The Wickiup Junction Refinement Plan process is working to identify a short-, mid-, and long-term plan to manage and improve the US 97 highway corridor through the Wickiup Junction area of north La Pine. This plan will build upon prior work completed in the 2013 La Pine Transportation System Plan (TSP) and the 2012 Deschutes County TSP. It will identify transportation needs and potential solutions in partnership with the City of La Pine, Deschutes County, and the general public that live and work in the Wickiup Junction area or travel through the area. This plan focuses in detail on the intersections within the Wickiup Junction area for safe access to and from US 97, particularly at the at-grade crossing of the Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF) rail line.


The Wickiup Junction Refinement Plan is needed to improve safety and mobility for all modes of transportation through the Wickiup Junction area. This area is in need of a well-planned multimodal grid system that supports mobility, planned land uses, and economic, livability, and public safety needs.